Why R.I.T.E. is so Important


logo-webversion-approvedToday, do you feel in touch with your neighbor? How about your supervisor, human relations supervisor, or peers? Are you in touch with the instructors, teachers, and coaches in your life?

Do you feel that you have 100% RESPECT from those you come in contact with on a day-to-day basis?

Can you say without question that the people you recognize with in society, government, your community, and even your family, make all their decisions based on INTEGRITY?

Would you, without question and honestly, say that you can accomplish everything you would like to, all by yourself? Could we correct more of our country's ills and become a more productive society with TEAMWORK?

With the nearly immediate availability of information and news, are we not saturated with negativity? Could our lives be more fulfilling and less stressful if we got up each day and greeted life with ENTHUSIASM?

At birth, all human beings, no matter their background, stature or heritage, deserve RESPECT, an automatic “Birth Rite”. Through the years, our mind develops as it soaks up the influences of its environment and as it guides us through the action of our lives, as we make our way out in the world we are judged daily – even unknowingly by the observer to determine if we retain or lose that "Birth right" – RESPECT. No person is above reproach. In life, few decisions should have a one-sided result or contain bias. In the day-to-day activities of our life, the decisions we make should contain a mutual benefit, a benefit of acceptability to all participants. Why can't there be a greater "common good" in life – an atmosphere of "INTEGRITY?"

Every Day Making the R.I.T.E. Decisions